Violent Crime Reduction Act


Cast In Time

Specialists in Replica WW2 Weapons and Ordnance

Please Note All Buyers must confrom to the VCRA Act.

We CAN sell and supply to official bodies that includes:- 

The Military, Police and Security Forces.
Film Theatre and Tv Companies.


Re-Enactment and Living history members.

All Buyers Must be over the Age of 18.

NONE of our replica firearms can be made to fire live ammunition, the internals are empty and have no firing mechanisms what so ever. Attempting to alter this is Illegal.

ALL our replica ordnance is free from any explosive nor ever contained any explosive so therefore does NOT need a “free from explosive” certificate. 

A common sense approach must be used when transporting or displaying any of our Products.  Cast In Time will not be held liable to any Public Alarm or Police Intervetion.  It is the Buyers the Responsibility.